How To Rock Boyfriend Style

I've always loved wearing (and stealing!) my boyfriend's clothes. In college, I lived in a pair of broken-in men's Levi's. I cut three inches off and finished the hem with lace. Whether or not you agree with that style choice, you probably appreciate the special look of oversized men's clothing.  

So how can you rock boyfriend style? Here are four outfit inspirations. 

1. Movie Night. We took the iconic t-shirt and jeans combo and added fishnet socks for a hint of punk. 


2. Art Gallery Opening. We took that same t-shirt and denim pairing to another level, with high-wasted acid-washed jeans, a sweater duster, and dramatic makeup and hair.  


3.  Hiking Date. It's the Canadian summer tuxedo - denim work shirt, white t-shirt and denim cut-offs. 

denim shirt

4. Coffee Talk. We love the juxtaposition of this masculine, oversized cashmere boyfriend sweater with a sweet, pink silk skirt. 

cashmere sweater

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