How To Style A Denim Shirt

A denim shirt is another closet staple that can take you anywhere! We love the versatility (and quality) of the Cody Denim Work Shirt. Check out our outfit inspirations. 

Outfit 1 - Denim on Denim. Don't be afraid to mix your denims. The different textures look great visually. Here we paired the Cody with high-wasted acid-washed jeans. It's chic, timeless and works for any season. 

denim shirt

Outfit 2 - Skirt Topper. A masculine shirt paired with a more feminine bottom, like this adorable patterned skirt, is a winning combination. We love the complementary hard/soft vibe. Add some cowboy boots and you're ready for the Spring rodeo. 

denim shirt

Outfit 3 - Hiking Assist. Your denim work shirt shirt isn't just for work. It can be called upon for play as well. It's a perfect addition if you're looking for extra coverage from the sun during a hike, or an outer layer to keep the chill off. We've mined the denim-on-denim idea again, but this time with shorts and the versatile Joey Pocket Tee

denim shirt

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