Fittings and Photo Shoots

After a year of designing and kvetching over every detail, the Joey Pocket Tee is finally a reality! I celebrated by doing a photo shoot with my good friends, who are also my New York hosts when I come to town. The pictures turned out really fantastic! 

photo shoot t-shirt

Then it was off to the garment district to do fittings for the Maxwell Cashmere Sweater and the Cody Denim Work Shirt with my design team. What a shot of adrenaline! The cashmere sweater - the impetus for this whole venture - couldn't be more amazing! It is buttery soft and just looks unique and lovely. I've been wearing one of the samples and can't wait to get the real thing! 

cashmere sweater fitting

I chose some denim options for the work shirt after we looked at the muslin mock up. Our plan is to produce each shirt and then wash it so each one has it's own unique character.

It was a whirlwind weekend! I'm excited to keep going!

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