Behind the Scenes: Photo Shoot

Ever wondered what goes into conducting a photo shoot? I had to learn all about it in order to begin getting product photos created. 

First, you pick a theme for the shoot - an inspiration to provide the photographer and the stylist with ideas. 

Next, you need to find a photographer. I looked for someone whose photos I already admired and who had worked with some of my friends. Then I needed to find a stylist. I've got to admit - I knew the photographer was important, but I wasn't sure about the stylist. Well, did I get schooled. Those two functions were probably the most important on my shoot. My stylist made sure the looks were right, made sure hair wasn't blocking product, and that the product was steamed and not too bulky or creased in the shoot. She also helped my non-professional models look their best. Worth every penny!

And then, of course is a hair and makeup person or an HMU. I opted for just a makeup person. A friend of mine tried to do a makeup-less shoot because she was going for a minimalist look. However, the end result wasn't great, so it's another area not worth skimping on. 

Next there is the location. Indoors? Outdoors? Both have their pros and cons. Based on your theme you are trying to find a place that gives off the right vibe. Outdoors can be tricky because of the weather. Indoors places can be tricky to find (and expensive!). I've done both and it just depends on the look you're going for. 

And let's not forget the models! There are agencies for that, or there are friends for that (I also do a fair amount of modeling for the brand because I'm available and cheap. haha). So far I've chosen influencers and attractive friends for my shoots. My fit model, on the other hand, is booked through an agency. 

Finally, there's food, drink and music. Nobody can be their most awesome self if they're hungry or stressed. Providing some snackies and bevvies and groovy tunes will get everyone in the right mind zone. 


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