Behind The Scenes: Our Garment Factory

One of the guiding principles at boyette is to produce all of our clothing in the United States. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, it's better for the environment if we aren't shipping products back and forth for sampling and production. Because we source (where possible) and produce our products in the US, they are more sustainable. Second, it means we are investing in other small businesses here in the US who are committed to this trade. It keeps their communities vibrant. We also think it is important to know the people with whom we are doing business, and who are actually making our products. We work with a factory in the garment district in New York. You can see me touring the factory floor below. 

We often conduct our sample fittings at the factory. We have conducted about 3 sample fittings for each garment on average at the factory before the final product has been produced, so I've spent a lot of time with that team!

garment factory  



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